Drug and Alcohol Testing for the Reno Area

Nevada Drug and Alcohol Testing provides quick, confidential testing for Northen Nevada businesses and individuals.

Our locally-owned company has served the Reno area since 1997. We offer:

  • breath alcohol testing
  • urine and hair drug screens
  • pre-employment physicals at our clinic

Why Drug Testing?

Because more than 70% of substance abusers hold jobs, according to American Council for Drug Education. Americans consume 60% of the world's production of illegal drugs. In fact, 23 million individuals use marijuana at least four times a week and 6 million regularly use cocaine.

The US Labor Department warns that drug use in the workplace costs employers approximately $81 billion annually in lost productivity. In the workplace, substance abusers increase the risk of accidents, lower productivity, compromise product quality, increase the workload of others, raise insurance costs and reduce profits.

Nevada Drug and Alcohol Testing helps casinos, tranport companies, educational institutions, mining companies — about every type of productive business in Northern Nevada — ensure that they are operating safely and drug-free.

We can help you, too!